Thursday, 18 January 2018

PREVIEW LITFEST 2018 - Poet Ralph Dartford at Hyde Park Book Club

Tuesday 6 March
Hyde Park Book Club 7.30pm FREE

Recovery Songs by Ralph Dartford
Directed by Samuel James Humphrey

A brand new spoken word story about addiction, the causes of addiction, and the recovery from its destructive forces.

Written and performed by A Firm of Poets founder, Ralph Dartford, from his own true experience of addiction, falling down and getting back up again. An unflinching, sometimes funny confessional that might change your mind about everything you thought you knew about addiction.

Funded by the Arts Council of England

Audience reviews for Recovery Songs

‘Recovery Songs is moving, compelling and brave. I was gripped by Ralph Dartford’s performance.’ - IMove Arts

‘I remember awkwardly laughing at the beginning of  Recovery Songs', expecting Ralph to jump into comedy through his first piece. Immediately, I realised my mistake. An honest take on his experiences with addiction, it made me sit up and listen. Ralph was captivating and straightforward, stepping from darkness, to hope, to troubled relationships, to love effortlessly. I have no idea how long he performed for, but I couldn't stop listening.’ - Up Yours, Leeds

‘I loved it! Ralph is an excellent and honest storyteller. Go and see him yourself, and make your own judgement.’ Dominic Monaco - Audience member.

Ralph Dartford Biography

Ralph Dartford studied poetry at Birkbeck College, London under the tutelage of Michael Donaghy. His work has appeared in the Guardian, Pulp Faction, Stirring (US), WordLife and London Territories amongst many other publications. His first volume of poetry, ‘Cigarettes, Beer and Love’ received wide acclaim, and his second, ‘Dirty Needle Rain’ will hopefully see the light of day in 2019.
Ralph Dartford

Latest Project. New Town Utopia: A film about Basildon