Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pitch and Pen

Sally Bavage adds:
Pitch and Pen - Thankyou to Leeds University student Tricia Ramsey, who helped us set up a really busy event in the lounge area of the New Headingley Club and turn it into an intimate and welcoming venue for some nervous 'pitchers'.

Audience Comments
Found event extremely interesting with contrasting pitches, poetry and novels. Also, will be informative should I decide to pitch sometime in the future.

Well organised. Comfy. A joy. Obviously enjoyed by all. Thank you.
Impressive variety of pitches - a lot of talent to be discovered - thanks to H. LitFest.
The event was varied, diverse and a very useful and interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I hope it continues next year.
Really interesting to hear other authors reading and speaking of their work. The informal setting worked wonderfully.
This event was a lot of fun. Some fantastic talent on show. The range of styles and content was wide ensuring an attentive audience throughout.
Really insightful. Like the premise. Lot to learn from other writers. Should keep it up. Would be keen to attempt in future. Great opportunity to practise for less experienced folk.
I loved the variety of works and the friendly atmosphere. I'll attend more if more happen.
Interesting to learn how aspiring writers/poets submit a pitch and their different reasons for their work.
Really helpful and well organised.
Very worth attending - a good relaxed atmosphere and standard of writing v.v. good. Venue not ideal … interruptions from bar, etc. Does the event need a bar?

The event was well organised. Great to listen to writers.

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