Monday, 19 March 2018

Launch of STRIX 3 - Hyde Park Book Club

Andrew Lambeth and Ian Harker
The launch of the third issue of Strix took place in the still ramshackle basement of the ever-expanding Hyde Park Book Club, but there was nothing ramshackle about what was delivered by those whose work is featured in it. The diversity of the talent is truly astonishing: Andrew Lambeth, one of the two editors, said as much, remarking on the many different approaches of the writers, who range in age from the twenties to much older. One of them, Anna Sutcliffe, is ninety! Some of them are steadfast and familiar contributors to local readings, others had traveled to Leeds from many miles away. All of them delivered something fresh and new, a fact which becomes clear when their words are read: some meanings and nuances were lost during the evening because of a background of muffled laughter from the comedy club on the floor above. 

Ian Harker spoke of early fears and uncertainties about going ahead with a printed magazine after warnings from those who thought an online version might be a better bet, and about how these had now evaporated, because Strix has, to date, been a great success, approbation flowing in from far and wide. It was harder work than either of the editors had realised (Andrew developed a repetitive strain injury from folding covers) but worth it. The editors' taste and discretion, along with attractive design, has brought brilliant results.

The next Strix will be published in June this year. You can submit for it on any day in May.
Strix is available online at
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Literary Walk - Tolkien theme

Walkers met at the statue of Alderman Marsden on Woodhouse Moor and proceeded to the middle of Headingley. Claire Rae Randall reprised her Tolkien Trail walk from 2014, with new material from Tolkien's life in Leeds and how local landscapes and landmarks may have influenced him in the creation of Middle Earth and The Lord of the Rings. Walkers also visited settings known to T S Eliot, Alan Bennett and Lucy Newlyn.

Carol Downing (Leeds Combined Arts) writes: there were 19 on the Literary Walk today despite the the weather. The Library pub was very kind and let us have a private room at no cost and Claire did a 30 minute presentation before the walk and a Q&A session in the Tolkien Room at the Skyrack afterwards.
Walkers' Comments
Always fascinating informative and inspiring.
Researched J R Tolkien for many years. Very interesting and educational to get the local connections.
Very enjoyable and thought provoking. A insight into the huge puzzle as to how Tolkien produced such amazing work.
Really enjoyable afternoon, so glad this was able to go head.
Very much enjoyed this talk.
I found this talk very interesting.
Excellent presentation by Claire.
Really good, thank you so much Claire and Headingley LitFest.